Why This Course?

We all experience the effects of what a busy lifestyle and culture can have on our eating.

Rushing, eating on the go, and making food choices that don't help our bodies are just a few of the common struggles. The results can range from indigestion, weight gain and bloating, poor sleep, and more. This course unlocks the tools to get you back in control of your choices and feeling great in your body.

Meet The Coach

Hi! I'm Kat :) Thank you for allowing me to join you on your route to deeper health and wellness!

I'm a certified PN L1 Nutrition Coach, and SSR certified coach. I specialize in behavior change and habit building to help you unlock your path optimal health, in a sustainable and enjoyable way that fits your lifestyle.

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Ready for a


Imagine your life when you can...

  • Transform the way you think about food

  • Deepen your intuition as you tune into your body’s


  • Gain confidence in knowing how to eat for your body in any situation, without overdoing it 

  • Improve your sense of calm, gratitude, clarity,

digestion, sleep, and performance  

  • Revolutionize your relationship with your body and food

  • Grow together with others

  • Get Accountability and support for lasting change

Let's Do It!

Gain Control of Your Choices with Mindful Eating

Find freedom to make choices that align with your goals and keep you in control. Finally, you can let go of diet plans, guilt and restriction and get to know what your body needs and loves.